Mastering Insurance, LLC
Mastering Insurance, LLC
  • Welcome to Mastering Insurance for Mental Health Professionals.

    We provide education, training and support for mental health providers...from getting credentialed to getting PAID. 

    About Us

    Getting PAID!

    In addition to supporting clinicians with credentialing we also provide a variety of serviced aimed at:

    • Automating your billing process
    • Teaching you to do your own billing
    •  Setting up and processes ERAs and EFTs to get your paid faster
    • and more. 

    The Billing 101 course is a self-paced course. For more information click below...

    Build your Practice with Insurance

    We have been where you are. We are team of clinicians, mental health professionals, and billing administers who have built  and supported insurance based mental health practices. We want to support you in successfully building your practice. 

    We have a combined 20 years of experience in the mental health field along with over 10 years of business building expertise that we leverage to assist you on this journey. 

    Credentialing Support

    We help mental health providers with the credentialing process. We believe in empowering clinicians to overcome the fear of insurance with our DIY insurance 101 course. More information 

    We also know how busy you are. Let us handle the credentialing process for you. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss how we can best support


     See our Credentialing Services for more information about how we can support your on this journey. Request a free quote right from our site. Click below for more information. 

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