Admin Academy

Let us train you or a member of your Administrative team to manage your billing and credentialing

Do you have a Virtual Assistant or Practice Administrator and need them to manage your credentialing and billing?

Do you want to bring your credentialing and billing in-house and have administrative support already in place? The Mastering Insurance Team offers a monthly membership that is designed to train your administrator on the ins and outs of credentialing and billing. In this program your Admin will receive hands-on training on a variety of topics. We will walk them through credentialing your practice setting up systems to reduce denied claims and increase account receivables and more.

Here are some of the features of the program:

Sample topics:

And so much more…

Rate increases and contracts

EFTs and EDIs

Billing 101 Live workshop (2-4 hours)

Common reasons claims are denied…and how to handle them

Opting out and Contract Termination

ERISA & Exceptions 

Ethical Issues to consider when Billing & Credentialing 

Revenue Cycle Management 

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