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We discuss all things insurance. We discuss the entire life cycle of insurance credentialing, billing and getting paid!

Updating your NPI

You’ve acquired your NPI-1 and NPI-2. Done! Can I just forget about it?Well…if any of your information changes like your name, address, practice location, specialty, etc you need to login to NPPES and update your information. You always want your NPI...

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Negotiating A Rate Increase from an Insurance Panel.

This questions comes up often: how do I negotiate a rate increase? When? I often hear fellow clinicians asking about how to negotiate a rate increase from an insurance company. I am always shocked when I hear that clinicians have never asked. That’s like working a job...

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Insurance is Recouping Funds. What Are My Options?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of insurance companies withholding funds, not paying in a timely manner, etc. But, what happens when an insurance panel says “Oops, we paid you when we should not have, and we want our money back?” This is called a recoupment....

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To Bill or not to bill…under another providers license?

This question comes up A LOT. Can a provisionally licensed person bill under a supervisors’ license. Is that fraud or is it okay?The answer is maybe. Context matters in this situation.Here are some things you need to consider to determine if you might be eligible to...

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5 Reasons Your Claims Are Being Denied!

For many practitioners, navigating the insurance credentialing and billing process is a deterrent. Understanding the jargon used by insurance companies can be daunting. Many clinicians find the delay between submitting a claim, getting a status update and receiving...

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