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Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. In fact, many of the creators of these tools have given me special discounts that I get to extend to you! You’ll see all the special deals below.


Therapy Notes

Click the link button below and use our promo code MIMH to receive 3 FREE months of services with Therapy Notes

– Sign up for the free trial with therapynotes and then add the Code under Settings > Billing > Subscriptions.

Square Credit Card Processing

Although our EHR has an integrated credit card processor we utilize square to process client co-pays, balances and accept HSA and FSA cards. We utilize square to process late cancellation and no show fees as well. We prefer to utilize square because we can schedule payments, save multiple cards on file and take advantage of their payment protection program in the event of a customer chargeback.

We each will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in sales.

Square Payroll

We love that we can pay our employees and contractors within the same system. Square payroll takes care of our direct deposit, taxes, workers compensation, health insurance and retirement savings accounts. It is a user-friendly system and cost-efficient. Lastly, we love that it integrates with some many applications including quickbooks.

Our referral link will give you one month free of Square Payroll Services. Enjoy!


HIPAA compliant phone system. We utilize TalkRoute for our inbound and outbound calls. They are cost-efficient and great for teams. We have several administrators and staff who manage our phones and communicate with clients and other providers and we are able to utilize the user-friendly app to make and receive calls. We love that you can have multiple extensions, send and receive texts, set your business hours and more.

Get one month free!


We utilize zoom to provide HIPAA compliant telehealth services, host webinars, clinical consultations and more.

Acuity Scheduling

We LOVE Acuity and utilize it to help schedule calls with clients and those seeking to book us for speaking engagements. Acuity also offers a HIPAA compliant option for those of you who might want to use it to schedule and bill clients. Acuity also has a SOAP note template that is built in and ready for you to use. We’ve negotiated a special 45-day trial (its usually a 30-day trial) for members in our community.

ConvertKit- Email Marketing System

We utilize convertkit to deliver robust and engaging content to our members via our newsletter and other downloadable items.

Get a free trial with our link!

Web Hosting

Your website is your storefront and having a robust web host can ensure that you site is always open for business. We love the service and cost-effectiveness of SiteGround.

15 EAP Plans You Should Know About

Pick up your free copy of 15 EAP Plans you should know about below!


We LOVE IntakeQ for electronic intake documents including informed consent, credit card authorization, release of information and more. IntakeQ also offers a HIPAA compliant telehealth option for $10/mo.

Use our link and get a free trial.

Business Management

Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish.

Money Management

When it comes to managing your money, reconciling accounts and keeping track of expenses, QuickBooks is the solution we recommend.

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Quarter 3 Practice Checlist

The Quarter 3 Practice Checklist was created to give practice owners a guide to use to keep their business running smoothly.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or expanding to a group, there are KEY elements that all successful, profitable, and sustainable practices need.

We will ensure that our SYSTEMS are updated and intact.

There are some things we need to review periodically to ensure that we are efficient, effective, and living our core values in business.

This list is not an exhaustive list but rather a starting point. I would love to hear about some of the quarterly or yearly tasks you all do to keep your business in top shape.

I am so excited to support you on this journey!

Let’s build your living legacy,


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