[TherapyNotes Guest Post] 5 Things You Need to Know About Leaving an Insurance Panel

[therapynotes guest post] 5 Things You Need to Know About Leaving an Insurance Panel

“The decision to leave an insurance panel (or all of them) is often one that creates a bit of angst and uncertainty. We might question whether or not we are making the right decision, and we’ll certainly ask ourselves how doing so will ultimately impact our clients and our business.


Unfortunately, some insurance companies create a roadblock that impedes our ability to deliver services. We’ve all heard the horror stories of delayed reimbursement, denied claims, and low rates, haven’t we?


We are also acutely aware of the increasing rise in mental health distress and the multitude of barriers that impact whether or not clients seek or engage in therapy.


Ultimately, in order to continue to serve your clients and the community you work in, we all must make decisions that are tough but necessary.


As a pro-insurance practice owner, I too have had to make the decision that some insurance panels weren’t aligned with my business model or the way I wanted to serve clients. Here are a few things to consider before un-paneling.”

Dr. Ajita Robinson was recently featured on the TherapyNotes blog, writing about 5 Things you need to know about leaving an insurance panel.


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